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They called themselves "gardeners"

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This area of Cincinnati has a very rich history stretching back to a simpler time when the people here were vegetable farmers.

Long before the city grew up around us.

We have fought many battles with those who would bulldoze this beautiful little piece of country in the city. The fortitude of the Farmer's spirit has thankfully thus far prevailed. With the continued support of those who love to garden and shop these wonderful greenhouses of Gray Rd. and Wooden shoe hollow, we will continue on into the future providing lovingly and locally grown plants to the gardeners of greater Cincinnati in the tradition of our ancestors.

A heartfelt thank you to all of our friends and customers!

Prior to the late 1800's this area was basicly several farms that were later subdivided into 3-10 acre lots that were settled by German immigrants who left their family farms in the old country to start anew in this land of freedom and opportunity. They found upon their arrival here in Cincinnati a fertile valley ripe with potential for vegetable farming. Later to be called "truck" farming. In order to increase the growing season they built greenhouses to harness the sun's energy and raise what came to be known as some of the finest produce to be had anywhere. They called themselves "gardeners" and truly they were and are still to this day. This is a part of their story told in pictures, past and present, in honor of those who labored long lifetimes to make what we'll call here "greenhouse row" a reality.

They called themselves gardeners part 1 - An article recounting the Funke prescence in Cincinnati circa 1880 to 1955.

Helen (Goetz) Funke, our president, grew up next door to our current range and litterally married the "boy next door" Bob Funke.

The pictures here are from the Goetz & Funke Archives

The early days 1900 - 1939

Growing vegetables

Building the future

A child shall lead them

Recent history - last update 02/18/04


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