The Early days

goetzfamily1935.jpg - I'm guessing 1935 on this one since Helen looks to about two and she was born in '33.. huhyup.. I kin du math tu :)

goetzrangerear.jpg - boy oh boy does this show tomato growing or what?! Notice the pile of manure along the outside of the greenhouse with sections dug out. Looks like it's been there since the previous fall by the amount of weeds growing on it. Talk about shoveling s*?t! hehe.. The lower left corner has one of the men sitting kinda hidden in the weeds and the smokestack and greenhouses in the far back of the picture are Kettler's. Lotsa little details in this one! Can ya find the dog??

goetztruck.jpg - Now here's a beauty! Gosh if we still had this one it'd be worth a bundle :) I'm sure Grampa was quite proud of this baby!

goetzyardfunkeghses.jpg - I had fun dating this one :) It dates from between 1912 and 1922. The rear glass houses (built 1922) on the Funke place are not built yet and the old frame boiler room is still there. Notice the risers in the front field. I am guessing these were water risers. They do not appear to be close enough together to be used as tarping supports for the beds and although plastic was in use, poly films did not exist but sprinklers did :) How's that for logic? :) Kettler's rear houses are not there either but they were'nt built until the 40's. The retaining wall that sat by the Funke boiler room isn't there yet either. Us kids had a lot of fun jumping off that wall into the haypile that got put there every year after the tomato vines were torn out. I sure did! yeehaa!! Also in this pic Gray road is not yet paved.. Still truly country down here.. ahh for the good 'ol days :)

wm&lucygoetz.jpg - Helen's parents.

goetzkids.jpg - From late 30's.. Front row Lester, Helen, Herb. Back row Harry, Louise, Will.. Good lookin' bunch huh? :) Hard working honest farm folk.. Back when a person's word was their bond.. You'll still find that on Greenhouse row today.

george&ednafunke - The founders of the current Funke's Greenhouses. In the foreground of this picture sitting. George had some seriously wild hair didn't he? Went well with his personality :) hehe... George kept a little plaque on the wall of his kitchen that said "the harder I work the luckier I get". That was truly George Funke :)

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