Recent History

This section features people, places and events from the 70's through the 90's.


funke family - Taken in the early 80's. From left to right Marianne Funke, Helen Funke, A goofy looking red headed charachter that kinda resembles me:), Louise Goetz, Carole Coleman, George Funke, Bob Funke

firstpoints.jpg - Some of our first poinsettias. I believe this pic was taken in 1979. This bench was where our current sales counter is today. For a peek at what this has blossomed into check out the winter page of the virtual visit!

georgeatwork.jpg - George Funke in his mid 80's painting a sidewall of the greenhouses. This photo is from the late 1980's. George was truly a man who lived by the phrase "the harder I work, the luckier I get" :)

strelitzia.jpg - Taken in the late 1990's in our 3rd house front. Colorful exotics are always a joy here for both customers and the staff who care for them. This is a picture of a Strelitzia reginae in flower.

A tour of our Christmas season 1999 - sit back and click through the magical world of Funke's during the December holidays!


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