Growing vegetables

disking.jpg - Dating from the late 40's or early 50's one of the Goetz boys is disking the front field on the Goetz place. Funke's is clearly visible in the background.

lestertomatos.jpg - Lester Goetz, Helen's brother, searching through the vines for the ripe ones ready for market.

lestertomatos2.jpg - Here he's found a basketfull ready to grace Cincinnati's dinnertables!

loadingtomatos.jpg - But first they have to be loaded and taken to market :)

loadoflettuce2.jpg - A truckload of leaf lettuce packed and ready to go. Some of you that were around in the forties may have eaten some of it since this was often used as a bed for cottage cheese or added to sandwiches. The greenhouses in the background are our current front houses.

loadoflettuce3.jpg - 40's There was an alternating pattern that had to be used to make sure the stacks of baskets wouldn't shift on the ride to town. I learned this well myself :) One grower in the 70's (ahem.. name not mentioned.. hehe..) tried to put too much on and lost some on I-75.. The cop let him off with a warning rather than a ticket for littering :)

wm&lucytomatos.jpg - 40's Helen's parents doing their life's love. Looks like Grampa Goetz had a silly streak peeking out of the vines :)

lucy&helen.jpg - 40's You can't grow good produce without clean wash! In case anyone's wondering by now there are two Helens. This is Ralph's mom who is married to Helen Funke's brother Will.

powwow.jpg - 40's A very traditional ritual :) At some point near the end of the day the folks on the farm would gather and discuss the day and what was the plan for tomorrow :) This picture shows Funke's boiler room and Rear glass houses much the same as they appear today.

flood01.jpg - 40's A grower is always well aware at how much at the mercy of nature we are. These two pics show the railraod tracks in Winton place. This can't be the 1937 flood since the woman (Norma Goetz) in the second pic would have been much younger if this were taken in 1937. Nature can be both giver and taker in our business as evidenced in the drought of 1999. Garden stores and farmers alike suffered huge losses in that drought.

flood02.jpg - second pic of the set

ed&herb.jpg - 40's Who says it's all work and no play? Pitching horseshoes was a popular sport amoungst the men folk here :)


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