Here's just a few pics of the goodies here for you this fall!


 Stainless steel gazing globes, Can't break!!

The next two pics are a very cool two level birdbath from Masserelli

   This is a cast stone sitting bench in a greco/roman style also from Masserelli. It sells for $99

 If you're looking for high quality cast stone decorative items browse through the book. Currently booking orders for spring '05.

Deposit required with order

The next four pics show Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, the gnomes and a free standing fountain also from Masserelli.


 When we say farm fresh we mean it! These were snipped right off the vine into our truck Sept. 25th :)

Like the pic? Download a fullsize version from our wallpapers page!

   Unadvertised special! Cute fall shelf sitters orig. $18.99 Sale priced at $9.99

 Just in! Solar fairies featured on Rebecca's garden on HGTV. These require no batteries and the crystal ball glows at night. Indoors or out.

Needs to get direct sunlight for best night glow :)

   Lotsa great nursery material here!
   Carefree delight and carefree sunshine $3.99 ea.
   2 gallon emerald green arborvitae $10.99 :)
   Fat 5 gallon all summer beauty hydrangea $29.99
   Big 5+' emerald green arborvitae $39.99. Instant privacy!
   Beauty berries! Berries stay after foliage drops for great winter interest in the landscape!

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