A few more samples of what's here this fall!

   all remaining 4 gallon J&P roses $5 ea.! You can't buy bare root for that!
   Butterfly bush plants under 5$!
   Fruit bearing self polinating cherries $19.99!
   Over 50 varieties of daylillies all half price! 70% off quantites of 50 or more!
   Rhus gro low is a great fall color item!

 Super durable haevy duty and great looking telcom pots 20% off!

Don't confuse these with the far lower quality stuff in the chains! These will last for decades!!

   Victorian Ruffled pansies! Yes, they are winter hardy!
   Haevy berry set on these sparkleberry hollies, Looks like southern gentleman did the job!
   Fall into Funke's for great gardens, service, selection and prices!
   Oh, yeah, we have a great selection of spring flowering bulbs too! If you'd like to learn how to get a super easy four months of color in your garden next spring check out this article form our backissues section! spirngbulbs

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