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Welcome to our video page featuring great how-to videos to help get the most out of your garden with the least amount of input and followup maintainance.

This section as with most things in life is a work in progress. The later episodes from #5 and up on our youtube channel have considerably more "polish" than some of the earlier epsiodes shown here.

If one were to watch but one of these to understand the basics of "easy gardens" where Nature will grow your gardens for you choose #1 or #4, the vegetable garden and tree planting vids. The raised bed construction vid episode #2 is very informational but tends to "drag" a bit and could stand a re-edit. :) Al

Hopefully you will find this feature helpful and entertaining. :)

If you like to watch in full screen mode our youtube video channel is at http://www.youtube.com/FunkesGreenhouses

Just one more way we try to keep the "fun" in Funke's!

Video #1 How to get a virtually zero care vegetable garden June 2008

Video #2 Full construction of a stone faced easy bed from start to finish July 2008

Episode 2 part 1

Episode 2 part 2

Video #3 Landscape installation of an easy bed in a wooded backyard Montgomery

Episode 4 Proper tree planting method for midwestern clay soils (best one yet!)