Realtively small in price and big on sound this size is perhaps our most popular in the Grace note line!

Click on tuning to hear it in this model!

Earthsong--The only tuning Grace Note makes in all sizes and tonal ranges, it is a pentatonic scale of ancient origin. Where East meets West, Earthsong is a compelling harmony still heard in the music of many styles and cultures.

E minor 7/11 Notes: E,G,A,B,D,E

Island Melody--Like a carefree tropical vacation, Island Melody is energetic, joyful, and upbeat. Let it carry you to your favorite paradise.

C major 6/9 Notes: C,G,A,C,D,E

Stardust--Great for stress relief! Stardust is a harmony that seems to effect a sense of relaxation in anyone who listens. Softly haunting, it conjures up images of twilight shadows.

D minor 9 Notes: D,F,A,C,D,E


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