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Our plant material is currently available only at our store in Cincinnati. Thanks to all of you have
requested shipping iterstate! Unfortunately we've found that shipping plants just isn't practical for us. Our inventory changes so quickly and many plants are just too bulky to be able to ship effectively and maitain quality.


I've barely been able to keep up with our gardening newletter so the plant lists are badly out of date. We have our usual huge inventory of perennials, trees and shrubs in stock as of June 1st 2001. If you're looking for something in particular call the store at 513-541-8170 or just come out and browse. There's always plenty to explore!


Spring 2000 Perennial plant list is here!!

Updated 04/21/00

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We grow what has been called the most comprehensive selection of perennials in the tri-state. Whether you have sun or shade, dry or wet, acid or alkaline there are perennials to fit your garden at Funke's!


We carry a huge selection of annuals, quality grown. No chain store factory grown stuff here at Funke's!

Here also we strive to provide an extensive selection of both the basics and the unusual. We grow many varieties for specialty gardens such as those for fresh and dried cut flowers.


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New items will be added as they arrive. This year's selection was far and away the best we've ever had!!

Our nursery selection of trees and shrubs has expanded to provide our customers with a wide selection of material compatible with our region. We also carry fruit and nut trees for those who like to pick fresh from the garden!

Design and installation are available.

Rose Bushes

Updated April 1st 2000

Hybrid teas, Grandifloria, Multiflora, Ground cover, Shrub, Rugosa, and Austin english! All grown on in 3 gallon containers from J & P root stock.

Vegetable plants

All those wonderful vegies! Here we also strive to provide a broad range of starters for the home gardener including many specialty varieties!


We stock fresh herb plants year 'round

Tropical plants

For indoor use all year or outdoor use to create your own jungle on porch, patio or deck in summer!


Fall garden mums to spice up your fall landscape! Grown in 8" containers they are started in June and ready for planting mid to late July. Color begins to show late August through early September and lasts through fall.

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