This job was to fix a mess left behind by a very sloppy plumbing contractor.

It took 4 of us 4 1/2 hours, included a small water feature by the front entry and a new true dwarf crabapple tree "Cinderella". The job also included 40 bags of pine mulch to redress all front beds.Total cost for a job of this scale is about $1200.

   Here you see a view of the pile of hard clay and rock left behind from the drain installation. The plumber told the customer this mess would settle to level.. In 30 years it'd still be a lump of clay with rocks sticking out of it :)
 This shot shows the ruts left behind by one seriously sloppy backhoe operator.  
   We had our work cut out for us with this one :) Note the sloping existing drystack stone wall in the background.
 The after effect. Mess gone and rocks reused to create the raised ring for the tree. Smaller rocks were used for bed edging. If you look to the far left of this picture you can see the existing dry stack stone wall has had the top two courses reset to stabilize it.  
   In the center of this shot you can see the waterbell of the new water feature in front of the yews just below the window.
 A closeup of the new raised stone planter. The customer wanted a tree that would stay small enough so as not not block the view to the street from the fornt window. Cindrella was chosen since it will mature to only 8' tall and 5' wide with white flowers in April followed by small golden fruit in summer.