Residential privacy screen using Emerald green arborvitae in madeira

The homeowners in this instance desired privacy on their rear patio from pedestrian traffic. An easy and relatively inexpensive solution was obtained by installing a staggered row of Arborvitae.

   First step, spotting the plants.
  Viewing form all angles at this stage makes sure that once the bed is cut and plants are installed the finish will be right the first time :) 
   When viewed from a 45 degree angle a staggered row planting should make the second row disapear behind the first.
   Viewd straight on the two rows become clearly visable.
   The view from the customers' patio. This planting will close in completely within two to three years and fully mature in 7. All steps were taken to make sure of quick performace.Ammended soil and 3-4" layer of pine mulch will insure maximum root and top development when the plants "flush out" next spring :)