We came into this site after the heavy construction was finished to add softscapes that would work well in both the near and long term for the Homeowner/gardener of the cute and beautiful home at a busy intersection in North Avondale. Plants chosen were Girrard's orange witchhazel for it's dense summer foliage unique orange early spring flowers and gorgeous fall color, Capital pear was picked for it's tall upright habit so as not interfere with house and provide spring flowers and summer shade to the side entry.

Here are some during and after pics of the job :)

   yeppers, this a bed that can use a nice tree!
   got some diggin' to do? Joy strikes a pose with shovels and maddock erady to get to work :)
   Witchahzels spotted and ready to install.
   You can see why an upright non spreading tree was needed here. It's only 8' from bed center to the house!
   man, now that's a nice finish don't ya think? :)
   Another view with some bags of pine mulch we left behind for the customer's use. You just can't beat pine mulch for sheer durability and performance!
   One vary happy Capitol pear tree! The homeowner was very pleased as well :)