Rasied bed construction

Railroad ties were chosen as a quick and econmical ($1/foot) edge for these raised beds in the backyard. 20 yards of ammended topsoil were used to fill the beds and a 3" layer of pine mulch laid on top.

This was Phase one of a two step process, the second step included two more raised beds and reseeding of the bare spots in the lawn around the beds and drainage runoff.

  The crew finishing up the brush removal, spreading soil, and prepping for RR tie install. 
   Finishing up moving the first ten yards of ammended topsoil.
   Bagging up the last of the trash.
   The view of the new bed from the back of the house.
   A closer view of the finished progect.
   This drain runoff had been poorly set by the builder some years ago so we reset it to hold the slope pressure while we were there :)