The Hoop residence in Glendale.

Drainage and privacy issues needed to be addressed. Several gully washer rainstaorms later the feedback from the homeowners is that the system works perfectly and the runoff from the adjoining property now flows happily out to the backyard. :) The project included 120' of dry creek bed, 9 five foot arborviate, 4 flowering pear trees, 2 b&b yew bushes, 270 cu. ft. of cypress mulch, and some tree trimming. 4 of us did this in one 9 hour day.

   isn'r machinery wonderful? :)
   what a nice hole in the ground!
   Oh! So this is what the hole was for! kewl!
   Nothing like a nice dreamscape finish :)
   Bo, lookin' a little sleepy after a day's worth of shoveling :)
   A view from the driveway across the yard.
   a view from the middle looking toward the front.