Stop in for awhile and have virtual visit with our famous felines!

Kitties of the present

Minnie the "moocher"


Primmy being as prim as ever!

Scooter exploring a plant rack playing jungle kitty..:)


Kelley, the nursery cat :)

Winkie, the ball of fluff :)

Kitties of the past, alas these sweeties have gone on to kitty heaven but will always remain in our hearts :)

Tommy, a true ham as usual keeping a watchful eye on the sales counter... Mice beware!!

Kali the calico cat :)


Sunshine, truly a bright and cheery dude!

Marigold a real bloomer :)

Snowball, the winter visitor.


Mr. Boots watching the floor

Manny hanging out after breakfast


Our fall 1998 babies oscar and sheba attempting to decorate a pine wreath! some help!!


Leo keeping an eye on the sales floor...


LV, short for "little voice" A true snugglepuss!


Here are a few group pics both past and present


Group pics!

Here's a fun little romp with some cute

Kitty quotes


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