A "no brainer" bulb garden!

At any time during late fall and well into winter you can easily reap the rewards of a beautiful bulb garden with very little hassle.

All you need to do is choose an appropriate size and shape for the bed, skin off any existing turf and place spring flowering bulbs, tulips, hyacinths, crocus, daffodils etc. on the bare soil. Any pattern, or lack thereof, that suits your fancy is fine.

Then simply cover them up with about 6" of mulch, soil or compost and water in.

That's it!

When spring comes they will pop up from the soil the same as if they'd been planted with all that individual digging!

The bed shown here was planted in mid january with leftover tulip bulbs from the store.

Yellow and red tulips were set on top of the ashes left in our firepit and covered with about 6" of cypress mulch.

This photo was taken April 15th of that year :)

I think the process works pretty well! How about you? :)