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The misery and mercy of Nature-----------

This week has been true example of how much we are at the mercy of the Mother :) While working late here in the office several days ago things were fairly quiet and I thought maybe, just maybe the front coming through would spare us. Then I heard the rustle of branches in the trees outside. Shortly thereafter the first hard blast hit the side of the house. Whomp!! Then again, whomp!! Secveral more strong gusts hit shaking this old frame structure like a cardboard box. I never understood my Dad's fear of wind when I was a child, but as an "adult", if I can call myself that :) I understand fully why wind was his worst enemy. The noise with each blast against the side of the house sounded as though part of the roof had blown off. Doors inside slammed as though there were a housefull of spirits looking for attention. I went outside to see if indeed part of the roof had blown off or heaven forbid the new sign I'd worked on for weeks had come crashing down. My fears were alleviated when visual inspection offered no damage to be seen. So far so good! The sign was still standing, and if it'd withstood that blast surely it'd handle wind. This was it's first real windstorm and the ground around the poles, although packed down as hard as our tractor would pack it, was still not fully settled. So I went back to my work taking care of paperwork that days slinging trees doesn't yeild much time for :)

Then like an ethereal hand with the sheer force of all muscle slammed into the house. I thought sure the walls would give way! Looking out my office window the tree forest I'd spent so much time with had been laid to shambles. Inspection showed hard steel stands bent like they were thin wire. A look to the parking lot showed me that two weeks of work lay flat on the ground as the hand of wind had ripped the poles of my new sign loose and slammed my work to the ground. Yep, I was depressed :) It was two days before I could even bring myself to go out and inventory salvageable parts. As it turns out only one 2x4 12' long will have to be replaced. :) It will have to wait for a January warm up before I go building again though! I did set the marqee up so that people can tell we're still funkes :)

The rain had softened the ground up so much that the holes the poles were set into had turned to clay jell-o. Then behind the front, the snow. It was so pretty :) Bob, bless his heart had set the trees in the "forest" back upright. Those whose stands had not been destroyed anyways :) But then the late evening and overnight brought freezing rain. Good for the greenery but bad for sales. Many people have been afraid that the ice will break branches if the trees are handled when cased in ice like that.

With scotch pine that could happen, But the softer more felixible frasiers have been handling just fine :)

So much for the misery of being in a business so reliant on Nature :)

The mercy should she be so kind (please please!)will be the rain we're supposed to get tomorrow that will melt the ice away for the weekend!

The trees will open up and be as fresh as a spring morn :)

People sometimes ask me what we do with the trees we have left. We usually sell out to just a handfull. I usually, after closing, on Christmas eve hang out by the firepit, roast a few marshmallows and sing them Christmas carols just so they don't feel left out :) After all they were cut to bring joy to the hearts of young and old alike on Christmas. In a sense all of the trees on our lot do bring that joy throughout the season. One night recently several groups of shoppers with children were in and I counted ten around the firepit roasting marshmallows. Then they decided, as kids always seem to do, that a game of hide 'n seek amounst the trees would be a nice pastime while the parents debated the fullness, barespots, needle softness, stem straightness and other qualities of the perfect tree that are so important to grown ups :) hehe... too darn cute :)

I often wonder why we're in such a rush to grow up?

I cast my vote for an extension of childhood :)

How about you?

'til next time,

Happy holidays!